About Us

FMG Consulting Limited (FMG) is a specialist business consultancy company working in the sport, leisure and culture sector that has been set up to provide procurement, finance and management support and advice to our clients.

The FMG team includes Kevin Godden, Emma Madden, Darren Lamb and Damien Adams, who between them have over 75 years of industry experience, starting in 2001 when the team were asked to write the guidance on leisure procurement for the 4p’s and the Government. As a testament to our ability and market presence, we updated this in 2015 and have recently completed the Management Options toolkit for the leisure industry on behalf of Sport England.

We are pleased to work with public, third sector and private sector partners at all levels, including central government, national governing bodies, private developers, leisure operators, local authorities, charitable trusts and local voluntary organisations across the sports, leisure and culture sectors.

We focus on leisure strategy and project development, facility feasibility, management and investment options, project financing and procurement projects. This focus allows us to provide our clients with a higher level of knowledge and expertise, the ability to share lessons learnt from other projects, up to date market positions, access to our extensive operational database and, due to our structure, substantially lower costs and greater value for money. We provide our clients with the best possible solutions, tailored to their local needs.

OUR CLIENTS | We have the privilege of working with a wide range of public and sports & leisure related organisations across the U.K and overseas.