Business Planning

Our business planning service covers both sport and leisure operations which are part of an existing facility (e.g. new health and fitness facility, spa facility, new pool, extreme zone, soft play etc.) and new stand alone developments. Our focus is to provide our clients with clear information and financial analysis that makes decision-making simple.

Benchmarking Performance          

Our comprehensive operational database provides robust and up to date comparisons of operating performance across a range of activities and facilities to allow us to test the business plans against market conditions. The database is populated with actual outturn information from local authorities and bidders.

Business Planning           

The fully audited business plan model calculates the income and expenditure of each facility and leisure centre from first principles by taking into account opening hours, pricing and programming, levels of participation, and industry benchmark data on costs. The model is suitable for standard leisure activities but also newer activities such as soft play, children’s interactive zones, extreme sports, ice and ten pin bowling activities. The model also automatically calculates VAT, NNDR and tax for the different management options. It is provided with our report to ensure that our clients have a full understanding of the business plan and assumptions used.

Project Financing          

Experience suggests that investment can provide returns to support debt financing. We are able to advise on public sector borrowing, private debt, equity funding and leasing arrangements. We have access to a network of funders that provides opportunities to take viable and affordable projects from their concept to delivery.

OUR CLIENTS | We have the privilege of working with a wide range of public and sports & leisure related organisations across the U.K and overseas.