Chichester District Council

Operational review of the leisure operation

Members of our team were appointed by the Council in June 2009 to undertake an operational review of the leisure operation with a view to generate income, identify market opportunities and achieve efficiencies and cost reductions where appropriate.


The key objective of the project was to develop a three year plan for the leisure operation, identifying the financial and service impact of our recommendations within this plan. The project started by analysing the financial and non-financial performance data, a site visit and interviews with the operational staff.


Data was reviewed and cross checked with managers to ensure consistency of information in all the key operating areas (including staffing levels and responsibility, programmes and pricing, new investment opportunities, income protection, attrition and retention and marketing).


Working alongside the Council team, we undertook an options appraisal and financial modelling of a range of services and these were tested and further developed leading to a reduction in the cost of providing the service by over £300k with a further £200k that were deemed longer term savings or required further capital investment. In addition, we reviewed the brand and marketing of the facilities and services and made recommendations to aid increased sales and reduce attrition rates. These recommendations were agreed by the Council and successfully implemented.

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