Test Valley Borough Council

A strategic review of Valley Leisure

Members of our team were initially commissioned by Test Valley Borough Council to undertake a strategic review of Valley Leisure, and subsequently have advised the Trust on a series of assignments to aid there financial planning and operational delivery.


We have worked with Test Valley Borough Council and Valley Leisure since 1999 and advised them over this period on a series of projects, the most relevant of which are:


•          Strategic review resulting in a new 5 year business plan for the Trust which was supported by the Council and resulted in the appointment of a new Chief Executive and new board trustees.

•          We advised the Council and Valley Leisure on the renegotiation of their contract resulting in a new long term contract with greater clarity on responsibilities and also investment from Valley Leisure.


Review of the operational projections, feasibility and financing of the new developments proposed by Valley Leisure, resulting in a new approach to financing saving significant funds for both the Council and Valley Leisure.

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