Renfrewshire Leisure Trust

The trustís financial and operational performance

RLT appointed members of our team to undertake a review of the trust’s financial and operational performance and, in the light of this review, to work with the trust to create a new strategy for the future development of the trust.


Renfrewshire Leisure Trust (RLT) was established in 2003 to undertake the

management of Renfrewshire Council’s portfolio of indoor sports centres and swimming pools. Our team was appointed to review the financial and operational performance of the Trust and to make recommendations for the development of a future strategy and business plan. This strategy incorporated a detailed asset management and development action plan, as well as specific advice in respect of staffing, marketing and related operational issues.


Following the development of this work, we worked on the delivery of a rationalisation programme to improve revenues through a partnership arrangement with the Council to support an investment programme at all its sites, including the relocation of Council services which may be managed by the Trust.

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