Nottingham City Council

Extensive management options appraisal

Our team completed an extensive management options appraisal for the City Council covering nine sites, including the Tennis Centre. The Council had undertaken a £25 million investment programme and wanted to know if the facilities, following this investment, would be best managed by the in-house team or whether it should be outsourced.


The first part of the project was to construct a financial model to capture the revenue costs and make adjustments for services no longer being provided (e.g. catering) and new leisure centres coming on stream. We undertook site visits and met with managers to discuss each of the facilities and held extensive workshops to provide their team with skills and knowledge in the development of their project. We also reviewed the staffing levels and operating costs and income through a benchmarking exercise to see if any of the management options could improve upon the base position.


Finally, we fed into the financial model the VAT, NNDR and operational adjustments, which allowed us to evaluate both the financial impact and non-financial elements of the facilities. In view of the impact on pension costs, and the limited fiscal savings compared to the impact on service delivery and control etc. it was recommended that the Council retain the service in house, which has been formally agreed by the Council.

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