Mid Sussex District Council

Evaluate the leisure management options

Our team was commissioned to evaluate the leisure management options available for Mid Sussex and recommended the best option for the Council to ensure on-going best value and secure efficiencies.  Our team carried out a full appraisal of the financial and non-financial implications of each of the available management options. This allowed them to decide the future management of their leisure facilities with full knowledge of the impact it would have on budgets, staff, pensions, strategic goals, service delivery, central support services, and capital and revenue investment requirements.


The result of our work was that our recommendations were fully accepted and implemented by the Council. We were subsequently appointed to assist the Council to procure an external leisure management contractor to manage its indoor leisure facilities using the competitive dialogue process which resulted in the award of a five year management contract to Freedom Leisure, alongside its partner Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), which delivered improvements in service delivery as well as significant annual revenue savings.

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