Gloucester City Council

Culture, Learning & Leisure NPDO Review

Members of our team were appointed by Gloucester City Council to carry out a management options appraisal for its leisure centres, recognising the Council’s strategic objective to become an enabling authority.  This work involved a thorough analysis of the financial, operational and social impacts of the transfer of services to each of the options. The options considered included the retention of in-house delivery, establishment of a new trust to manage the facilities, partnering with an existing trust and partnering with a private sector operator. Our work also included a review of the existing service and the identification of any immediate areas for improvement.


Each of the management options was evaluated against a range of criteria, both financial (e.g. improved operation, NNDR savings, staffing implications) and non-financial (e.g. service quality, ability for Member influence, community involvement) to provide an objective assessment of the most suitable option for Gloucester’s needs. The project resulted in the establishment of a new leisure NPDO.

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