Facility & Site Options Appraisals

Delivering a comprehensive options appraisal requires a range of specialist skills to ensure that the preferred option is the best solution for our client’s requirements, in the context of the specific priorities in your area. Whilst our approach is therefore bespoke to your particular needs, it is delivered within a framework that is HM Treasury compliant and based on their ‘five case model’. This approach ensures that our client considers a comprehensive list of options that meet their requirements, and our long-established partnerships with architects, engineers and cost consultants means that we can cover all aspects of the appraisal.


Using a range of facilitation and consultation techniques we are able to quickly understand the key issues, client and stakeholder requirements and operational issues, which enables us to establish the key output requirements that need to be met by the project options.

Market appraisal

Establishing the net demand for facilities and services is essential. We investigate the market using national datasets and our own database of information to establish the market gaps and opportunities. This ensures that the facility mix is demand–led and provides confidence in the viability of our proposals.

Options analysis

The options may vary in relation to the range of facilities and / or potential sites identified. We look at each option individually and determine income and expenditure projections, capital and lifecycle costs, capital receipts, site masterplanning and mixed use opportunities. We also assess the non-financial benefits that each option can deliver to meet the outputs required. Our strategic partnership with GT Architects Limited allows us to provide a one stop shop containing the leisure, finance, technical and architectural expertise required to fully appraise all potential options.

Financial modelling

In order to capture the financial impact of each of the options, our financial models take into account the capital and revenue costs, risk values, optimism bias, project financing, cashflow and Net Present Value, which are used to compare each of the options. Our fully audited financial models also provide a number of different scenarios and sensitivities to be undertaken that test the value for money assessment and comparison of each of the project options.


The evaluation model is fully tested and is flexible to meet our client’s requirements in relation to the weighting and scoring of each criteria and provides a structured and objective approach to the evaluation of each option.

Solutions that work

Our approach provides our clients with a preferred project option that is achievable, deliverable and affordable.

OUR CLIENTS | We have the privilege of working with a wide range of public and sports & leisure related organisations across the U.K and overseas.