Management Options Analysis

Management Options Analysis

We provide a comprehensive bespoke analysis of the different management arrangements available for our clients. Our approach reflects clients’ specific requirements relating to their overall outcomes (for example health & wellbeing, economic development, physical activity), risk transfer, capital investment, control and ownership criteria and affordability. Our work includes defining the key priorities, consultation, review of current business practices, recommendations for investment or changes in operations, VAT analysis, risk assessment, financial modelling and evaluation of the different options.

Our approach has been rigorously tested by various clients and external parties such as internal and external auditors. We will help clients address key questions, including:

• What are the outcomes the client is seeking to achieve and how does the service fit within the wider landscape for the area (for example, in relation to physical activity or health & wellbeing)?

• What facilities are / will be included in the contract? This will include core leisure assets but are there also wider opportunities, for instance, linked to libraries and cultural assets? Does future operation need to include flexibility for future asset rationalisation?

• Which services are included? For example, is sports development included?

• Have stakeholders and partners been given the opportunity to input? Has political support been confirmed?

• Have legislative implications been considered, including the impact of the Localism Act (2011) and the Public Services (Social Value) Act (2012)?

• Has consideration been given to assessing equality to ensure that this is properly considered from the outset with a simple audit trail?

Practical advice

We put our findings into market context and work with you to understand your environment, develop ideas for future progress and uncover investment opportunities. In the current climate, defining the outcomes and identifying the key priorities is critical to tailoring any operational solutions.

Market Appraisal

In order to provide an objective evaluation of each management option we apply the outputs of the financial, risk and non-financial benefits into our evaluation model. The model is weighted and scored in line with the clients requirements prior to the commencement of the analysis.

Options Analysis

As part of the development of each option, we use our experience of working with a range of different operators to consider how they may approach the opportunities provided by the current layout and operation of the existing facilities, in order to reflect the likely future position if that management option was selected.

Financial Modelling

With experience in local government and private sector finance, we are able to assess the financial benefits relating to each of the options, including VAT and NNDR impact, profit levels and overhead costs attributed by each type of management operator.


Whilst the management options appraisal can be seen as ticking boxes, we see it as a valuable tool in the development of a procurement strategy that will deliver the robust results that our clients are looking for, ensuring that the preferred option, when delivered, results in demonstrable achievement of the anticipated outcomes. We have many examples where the outcome of the procurement exercise has been in line with the results from the initial options appraisal.

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